The Pullum One-Name Study

This is a picture of Henry Alfred Pullum (for some reason known as Roger), my great-grandfather, fishing at Tottenham Lock, with my paternal grandmother, Edith Louise and her sister Mary Ann.

It is his surname that I have chosen to study. What this is, how this came about and how it is progressing can be found here.

There are several aspects to the study, not just family trees, but statistics on births, marriages, deaths and censuses, articles about the name and people of interest,

The branches of the main UK Family Tree are complete on the tree pages as pictures and there is also a page on UK and Ireland outliers, often people where only one record for them has been found.
The Main UK is also available as a detailed searchable tree and includes 1,650 individuals.

Data for outside of the UK will be added alongside this work.
Australia and New Zealand: I have recently reviewed and there is only a minor update to do. As all the Pullums that I have found in this area emigrated from the UK, their trees are the same as the UK trees.
Canada: There are a few that I need to review but I suspect that they emigrated to Canada from the UK.
Europe: I have found a handfull in Germany only.
USA: There are a lot of Pullums in the USA and I plan to start building trees from the 1900 census, which has about 600 Pullums recorded on it.
Rest of the World!: One person in Mexico; a birth and marriage in the Netherlands are all that I have found.

If you have any comments, would like to ask about any aspect of the trees or have additional information, please feel free to contact me.

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